Green tea    

Jasmin tea
Green tea from Fujian flavored with jasmin blossoms

CHF 5.50 food

Liu An Gua Pian tea
A distinctive taste – sweet with a rich and thicker taste, mellow and long-lasting sweet aftertaste

CHF 5.50 food

Xi Hu Long Jing tea
Chinas moast famous tea from Hangzhou.
Delicately sweet with a refreshing meadow-like flavor, deep fragrance, very smooth, flavor similar to chestnuts with a sweet aftertaste.

CHF 5.50  
Oolong tea    

Tieguanyin tea
A sweet and floral Chinese oolong tea that reminds you of wonderful orchids from the moment you first smell it.

CHF 5.50  

Oolong Ginseng tea
Superior oolong tea are mixed with ginseng roots to produce a delicious tea that nourishes your body and replenishes your energy.
This tea has a rich crisp oolong taste with a strong pleasing ginseng aftertaste.

CHF 5.50  
Black tea    

Royal Ginger tea
A blend made of best chinese and indian black tea, ginger root, ginger poweder and ginger oil.

CHF 5.50  

Keemun tea
Black tea from the Chinese province Anhui fruity, with a sweet and mellow taste and a distinct floral fragrance.

CHF 5.50  

Pu Erh tea
This rather mild tea from the Yunnan province is made from leaves from the Qingmao tree. It has a very speacial earthy flavor.

CHF 5.50  
Blooming flower tea    

Jasmin flower tea                                                

CHF 6.50  

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